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FjordMoods is a furniture company with at its core a heart beating for nature and social care.


The climate crisis and the ecological crisis leaves no doubt that nature is in trouble.

Therefore we do the best we can to take care of it.


For more than ten years we have been researching and testing how to make furniture with no negative impact on the environment.

As a result we have developed a production model, 2050 Furniture, where wood from the local waste stream is upcycled locally into quality furniture on a larger scale.

By using only waste wood in our furniture production, we preserve natural ecosystems and prolong the life of wood that in that way keeps storing carbon.

The first product from 2050 Furniture is the Sondre chair. Are you interested in more information or do you want to purchase chairs? Get in touch!

FjordMoods also offers unique pieces of furniture on demand.

Get in touch here if you have a request. 

In our web shop we have unique stools for your bar, your kitchen island or your dining table, and also some accessories made from the waste of our own production.


We design furniture to be made in a social and environmentally responsible way.

Our starting point is ecology, and we find sustainable solutions for the structural waste problem of today. 

Most of the wood that is thrown away in society today, is as useful as wood that comes directly from the forest. It only requires a different approach. 

And that is our expertise: To upcycle wood and turn it into furniture.


FjordMoods' ecological furniture is designed and made by Pieter Van Tulder. 

FjordMoods is a collaboration between Pieter and his wife Katrine. 


We live and work in Hardanger, Norway. 

Our workshop is in Vavollen 5, Øystese. 

Our own shop is in Fyksesundvegen 743, Steinstø.

You are welcome! 

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