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FjordMoods is a small Norwegian company.

We make furniture with care for nature, people and the future. 


We use only locally reclaimed wood. Our furniture is made with driftwood from the beaches in Hardanger, wood from containers, wood from your construction site, wood from old furniture – all kinds of wood that is considered waste.

We bring the wood back to a raw material and use it as a resource. 

Most of the wood that is thrown away in society today, is as useful as wood that comes directly from the forest. It only requires a different approach. 

And that is our expertise, to reclaim wood and turn it into beautiful pieces of furniture. Each piece with its own story. Pieces of furniture made of wood from someones old house, from grandma's kitchen table you have sweet memories of, or even wood from an old viking ship, waiting to be found on a beach in Hardanger.  The possibilities are endless.

We don't need to see nature as a resource. 



Because we are sure that nature is in trouble. So we do the best we can to take care of it.


We offer high end tables in different sizes, and stools for your bar,
your kitchen island or your dining table.

Our collection is constantly growing. 

You find the pieces we have for sale here

For bigger inquiries, get in touch with us here


FjordMoods' ecological furniture is designed and made by Pieter Van Tulder. 

The company is a collaboration between Pieter and his wife Katrine. 


We live and work in Hardanger, Norway. 

Our workshop is in Vavollen 5, Øystese. 

Our own shop is in Fyksesundvegen 743, Steinstø.

You are welcome! 

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