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A simple, small table that can bring some color to your room.

Handmade from 100 % locally reclaimed wood.

H50cm x W50cm x L50cm.


Table number 532 is unique. 

It contains teak, ash, pine, oak, mahogany, birch and ipè.

The top has inlays of meranti, ash and African padauk. 

The wood comes from the Hardanger fjord, and from old furniture and cladding found in a container.


All our FLOR tables have a similar design, but a different personality. One thing they all have in common, is that they can appear like four different tables, depending on where you see them from. As the pictures show, none of the sides look the same.

This means if you are in the mood for change, you just turn the table!


Finished with a non toxic, ecological, water based combination of varnish, oil and wax, made from thistle.


The price is excluding VAT.

FLOR 532

Excluding VAT
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