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This is not a romantic sales pitch. We don’t do what we do to be relevant. Sustainability for us, is not a formality. It is our bare essence since 2010, when we started our ethical adventure.

Pieter Van Tulder, 2050 Furniture designer

• We are part of nature, nature is not in function of us. Therefore, we don’t see nature as a commodity or as something that’s just there for us to use as we please. 

• We don’t source wood from forests or timber plantations.

• Our only business with forests is to protect them. 

• We don’t rely on any form of forestry. Neither “sustainable forestry” nor industrial thinning of eco systems.

• Instead, we try to find solutions for the structural waste problem.

• We use the forgotten and unloved resources that are considered waste, and we give them a new life cycle.   

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