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– As a furniture designer, I have a responsibility towards our environment. I refuse to design furniture that lasts five years, something that is intentionally done by actors in today’s fast furniture market. 

Pieter Van Tulder, 2050 Furniture designer


We also have a responsibility as consumers to not expect furniture to be made for example from a flawless piece of first choice oak (knowing that that oak used to be a mother tree in a thriving ecosystem). Especially since recent studies have shown that a piece of furniture has an average life of ten years, we need to accept that furniture is made of possibly a composite material (that is good enough to last a hundred years if it would have to). 

So called imperfections in wood don’t affect our “sitting or dining experience”. Comfort is more a matter of the design, not necessarily the material. 

As mentioned before, we focus on repair and already have an eclectic mix of materials in our furniture. Imperfections in wood turn into texture, which can bring an interior soul and character. 

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