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"Sondre" is the first product in our new 2050 Furniture production model.

We are right now looking to kickstart the production! Read more here!

"Sondre" is an ethically produced chair that is comfortable to sit on, that has a unique look, and that brings life to any interior.   

The chair is made from the least valuable pieces of wood in the waste stream: Thin (minimum 8,3 mm) and narrow (minimum 60 mm) pieces of any type of wood in any length.

Sondre is made in a local, inclusive production. By local people, in the existing local infrastructure, from locally reclaimed wood. 

Wood from the waste stream is recycled, redimentioned and laminated into rough shapes in a sheltered workplace. The shapes are cut into final parts for the chair in the CNC-park of a local furniture factory. 

Our extension of the life of wood, and our promise to not cut trees, makes "Sondre" a long-term carbon storage place.

The seat of the chair is finished with a non-toxic, water based lacquer from the Safflower thistle.  We leave the rest untreated. 

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