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Our furniture is produced inclusively.

We include materials that are considered waste and turn them back into valuable resources. 

We include people and we value those ones with more outspoken sensitivities as equal players. 

We create a gentle work environment for people who need it and make them part of an extraordinary furniture production in a conventional market. 

We produce furniture locally. Instead of having a full in-house production, we choose to focus on decentralizing and use the infrastructure that is already present in our close surroundings. 

Our cooperative production model invites local actors to take part in the process as partners and suppliers. The production model makes sure we can produce our furniture locally, in different small communities. 

Although our production is decentralized, we have a short production chain. An agreement with the regional waste management company ensures a consistent flow of local waste material for our production. 

This is how we can guarantee that all our furniture is made by locals in a locally existing infrastructure, in an upcycling process from locally reclaimed wood. 

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